Vienna homemade apple strudel

Vienna homemade apple strudel

Vienna homemade apple strudel with almonds, raisins, rum, lemon and spices — a traditional Austrian dessert recipe for Christmas or everyday breakfast.

250 g flour
1 large egg
1.5 tbsp flavourless vegetable oil and taste
0.5 tsp salt
rolling flour
150 g butter for lubrication
icing sugar
For crumbs:
150 g of stale white bread crumbs
50 g ground almonds or hazelnuts
3 tbsp. l butter
1 tsp Sahara
For filling:
2 kg of sweet and sour apples
100 g brown sugar
150 g raisins
70 ml dark rum
juice and zest of 1 small lemon
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tbsp vanilla extract
10 balls of clove buds

Step 1
For filling, scald raisins with boiling water, pour rum, tighten with a film and leave at room temperature for 6-24 hours.
Step 2
For the test, sift the flour with salt slide, make a recess, «well». Break the egg into it, pour 100 ml of warm (37–38 ° С) water and vegetable oil. Knead soft, sticky dough.
Step 3
Start kneading it on the work surface, beating it on the table (traditionally this is done 100 times). The right dough is very elastic and velvet to the touch.
Cut the dough into two equal pieces, roll into balls, grease, place on a plate and cover with a hot inverted bowl (this is important for the elasticity of the dough). Leave on for 30–40 minutes.
Step 4
Peel the apples from the peel and the core, cut into thin (2-3 mm) slices. Pour lemon juice, mix. Sprinkle with sugar and all the spices (rub the cloves in your fingers), mix gently. Divide in half.
Step 5
Fry breadcrumbs in butter melted with sugar, 3-4 minutes. Add nuts, mix thoroughly. Divide in half
Step 6
Preheat the oven to 190 ° C. Cover 2 baking sheets or large rectangular baking dishes with parchment, grease it with oil.
Step 7
Melt the butter. Now the main difficulty. Spread a small tablecloth on the table, sprinkle with flour. Turn 1 ball of dough into a cake, roll it into a thin rectangle.
Put the dough on the knuckles of your fists and stretch it, turning the dough in a circle in a layer through which this text is visible. Spread the dough on a tablecloth, grease with butter, sprinkle with half the crumbs.
Step 8
About 10 cm from the long edge, put half of the apple filling in the form of a rectangle of about 35 x 20 cm, sprinkle with half raisins. Wrap the near long edge of the filling dough, then wrap the two sides.
Helping yourself with a tablecloth, carefully roll the strudel and put it on the baking sheet with the seam down. Lubricate the strudel on top and sides with melted butter. Also make a second strudel.
Step 9
Bake until golden brown, 45-50 minutes. Serve warm or cooled, sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Vienna homemade apple strudel
Vienna homemade apple strudel

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