Original tuna tartlets for a party or picnic

Original tuna tartlets for a party or picnic

Canned tuna, 200 g
Egg, 3 pcs.
Pickled cucumbers, 2 pcs.
Canned peas, 2 tbsp. l
Mayonnaise, 4 tbsp. l
Mustard, 2 tbsp. l
Salt to taste
Tartlets, 10 pcs.

Drain all the juice from the tuna and divide it into small pieces with a fork or knife. Eggs and cucumbers cut into small cubes.
To make the dressing, mix mayonnaise and mustard. Add chopped ingredients and canned peas. Mix everything thoroughly.
Place lettuce leaves on the bottom of tartlets so that the dough does not quickly soak. Put the fish stuffing on top. Serve tartlets immediately to the table.

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