TOP 3 holiday cocktails

TOP 3 holiday cocktails

For a sparkling cocktail with kiwi:
400 ml champagne
1 kiwi
2 tbsp. l pineapple juice
2 tsp honey

For cranberry-vanilla cocktail:
50 ml of vodka
50 ml cranberry juice
250 ml champagne
1 vanilla pod
cranberry and vanilla pods for serving

For tangerine cocktail:
200 ml champagne
60 ml of vodka
150 ml tangerine juice
2 tbsp. l pomegranate seeds or cranberries
2 tangerines
two branches of thyme

Step 1
Tangerine cocktail. Cut the tangerines into thin circles. Fill two glasses of ice with mugs of tangerines and pomegranate seeds.
Step 2
Pour vodka and tangerine juice into glasses and add champagne. Garnish with thyme sprigs.
Step 3
Sparkling cocktail with kiwi. Peel the kiwi, chop and put in the blender bowl. Add pineapple juice and honey, whisk until smooth.
Step 4
Pour 3/4 cup champagne into each glass. Halve the puree and pour into the glasses. Serve with ice cubes and mint leaves.
Step 5
Cranberry Vanilla Smoothie. Cut the vanilla pod and scrape the seeds. In a shaker, mix the vanilla seeds, vodka, cranberry juice and ice.
Step 6
Pour the cocktail into tall glasses and add sparkling wine. Garnish with cranberries and vanilla pods.

TOP 3 holiday cocktails
TOP 3 holiday cocktails

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