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Banana smoothie with yogurt

Banana smoothie with yogurt INGREDIENTS 1 avocado 2 bananas 150 g of yogurt juice of 1 lemon juice of 1 orange 1-2 tbsp honey 1 glass of water a pinch of salt STEP-BY-STEP COOKING RECIPE Peel the fruits, separate the berries from the twigs. Put all the smoothies in the blender and chop. Pour the […]

Simple healthy smoothies, 10 best recipes

Simple healthy smoothies, 10 best recipes 1.Fruit smoothie with banana Ingredients: ● 1 banana; ● 2 Kiwis; ● 1 juicy pear; ● 1 glass of apple juice; ● 20 g of powdered sugar; ● ground cinnamon. Peel and chop the fruits, mash them in a blender. Add icing sugar, apple juice and mix. Pour into […]

Oat smoothie for breakfast

Oat smoothie for breakfast INGREDIENTS Banana Coffee Smoothie: 4 tsp. ground coffee 1 banana 1/4 cup oatmeal 1 tbsp.l cocoa 1 tbsp.l flax seed pinch of ground cinnamon 1 glass of milk honey Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothie: 3/4 cup oatmeal (large or small) 1.2 cups orange juice 1 cup of frozen strawberries 1 glass of natural […]

Healthy vegan smoothie with pomegranate

Healthy vegan smoothie with pomegranate Cooking time: 15 minutes Ingredients: pomegranate juice — 150 ml green tea — 150 ml blueberries — 100 g pomegranate — 70 g cane sugar — 1 tbsp. l Cooking method:Pour pomegranate juice and green tea into the blender bowl. Add blueberries, 70 g pomegranate seeds and 1 tbsp. l […]

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