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Citrus salad with shrimps

Citrus salad with shrimps INGREDIENTS 1 pink grapefruit 1 white grapefruit 1 pomelo 2 oranges 2 limes 400 g large raw shrimp 2 large red sweet peppers 3 cm fresh ginger root 4–5 sprigs of mint vegetable oil salt, freshly ground black pepper chili for decoration STEPPED PREPARATION RECIPE Step 1 Peel ginger, grate on […]

Healthy salad with shrimp and mint sauce

Healthy salad with shrimp and mint sauce INGREDIENTS 400 g shrimp 200 g light-salted trout fillet 200 g canned or fresh pineapple pulp 200 grams of mini corn 4 medium cucumbers 1 very ripe avocado For the sauce: 1 small bunch of mint 1 medium bunch of parsley 2 cloves of garlic 50 ml pineapple […]

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