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Salted Salmon

Salted Salmon INGREDIENTS 1 large fresh salmon (start cooking 24–48 hours before serving) For marinade, per 1 kg of salmon fillet: 500 g of dill (5 large bunches) 1 tbsp salt 1 tbsp sugar 2 tbsp vodka STEP-BY-STEP COOKING RECIPE Step 1 For salmon, remove the tail and head (they will not be needed in […]

Salmon appetizer with cream cheese

Salmon appetizer with cream cheese Ingredients: ● slices of slightly salted salmon 250 g ● cream cheese 250 g ● pickled or fresh cucumbers 1-2 pcs. ● branches of dill 3-4 pcs. ● lettuce leaves to serve ● lemon juice to serve ● red caviar for decoration Cooking: Rinse dill, dry and chop. Finely chop […]

Cheese fish soup

Cheese fish soup The soup is very, very tasty! Ingredients: • Onion — 1 pc • Black pepper (ground, to taste) • Salt (to taste) • Water — 1 l • Olive oil — 10 ml • Dill — 1 bundle. • Potatoes — 3 pcs • Cedar nuts (preferably (!), But possible without …) […]

Salmon baked in foil with dill and garlic

Salmon baked in foil with dill and garlic In this recipe, you can bake not only red fish, but other fatty fish: catfish, halibut. Ingredients: Salmon steaks or fillet pieces of 180–200 g — 4 pcs. Small fennel cabbage — 1 pc. Salt — to taste Freshly ground black pepper — to taste Garlic — […]

Baked Salmon with Spinach Sauce

Baked Salmon with Spinach Sauce Ingredients 500–700 g salmon (or trout, pink salmon) 300 ml of cream 15–20% 150 g onion 100 g spinach lime or lemon 3 cloves of garlic salt pepper vegetable oil Cooking Fish (cut into slices about 1–1.5 cm thick) put in a baking dish. Salt, pepper. Sprinkle with lemon or […]

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