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Pie with red fish and spinach

Pie with red fish and spinach Ingredients: puff pastry 0.5 kg fillet of red fish 400-500 gr. spinach (fresh or frozen) 500 gr. pine nuts 2 tbsp. l garlic 1 small clove cream (20-30% fat) 3 tbsp. l eggs 2 pieces + 1 yolk (for smearing the cake) butter 3 tbsp. l olive or sunflower […]

Oven-baked red fish steak

Oven-baked red fish steak Cooking time: 50 minutes Ingredients: red fish — 4 steaks salt coarse sugar — 1 pinch ground dried ginger — 1 pinch ground black pepper olive or sunflower oil greens — to serve Cooking method: We clean the red fish from scales and cut into steaks up to 2 cm thick. […]

Salad with salmon and citrus fruits

Salad with salmon and citrus fruits Ingredients 2 leaves of lettuce (preferably crisp ) 100 g smoked or salted fish (salmon, trout) ½ grapefruit ½ sweetie grapefruit 1 sweet pepper ½ small red onion juice and zest of 1 lime a few mint leaves to taste 1 tsp grated ginger root (or to taste) olive […]

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