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Simple homemade tangerine pie

Simple homemade tangerine pie Ingredients: Flour-300 gr Baking powder-15g Sugar-150g Milk 50ml Vegetable oil-150g Eggs — 3 pcs. Tangerines — 6-7 pcs. Cooking Mix all the ingredients for the dough. Grease a baking dish with butter and sprinkle with sugar — 1 tbsp. Fill in the shape of the halves of the tangerines and cover […]

Simple homemade pie with tomatoes, feta cheese and eggs

Simple homemade pie with tomatoes, feta cheese and eggs Ingredients: Puff pastry — 200 g Tomatoes — 200 g Feta — 200 g Eggs — 3 pcs. Oregano — 1 large pinch Chopped parsley — 1 tbsp. Salt to taste Pepper to taste Cooking: Tomatoes cut into small pieces. Stir in vegetable oil for 5 […]

Apple and jelly pie

Apple and jelly pie Ingredients: 4 big granny smith apples 2 eggs 80 gr. Sahara 100 gr. wheat flour 100 gr. butter 0.5 tsp. baking powder 1 tbsp. orange confiture For jelly: 0.5 liters of apple juice without sugar 50 ml passion fruit syrup 10 gr. sheet gelatin For syrup: 150 gr. sugar 100 gr. […]

Pork mince pie

Pork mince pie Pie is a delight !! tender potato dough and a lot of juicy and fragrant stuffing …. I advise you to try it !! The pie is tasty and hot and cold !! Ingredients: For the test: 200 gr. potatoes, 200g flour, 1 egg, 50g butter, salt. For filling: 500g. pork (or […]

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