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Japanese Omelet with Rice

Japanese Omelet with Rice Ingredients: Egg: 2 pieces, Rice: 1/3 Glass (round grain, can be rice for sushi) Chicken fillet: 1 Piece (fried or smoked), Mix of vegetables: 1/2 Cup (carrots, onions, mushrooms, green peas, bean sprouts), Ketchup: 3 Art. spoons Vegetable oil: 2 Art. spoons Soy Sauce: 1 teaspoon, Rice vinegar: 1 teaspoon, Ground […]

Spanish tortilla with rosemary

Spanish tortilla with rosemary Tortilla — a type of omelet with potatoes, is very easy to prepare! Ingredients: Potatoes — 5 pcs. Onion — 1 pc. Egg — 5 pcs. Rosemary — 1 sprig Olive oil — 5 tbsp. l Pepper to taste Nutmeg — 1 pinch Sea salt to taste Cooking: Peel the onion, […]

Spanish omelet

Spanish omelet Ingredients 500 grams of new potatoes; 1 onion; 150 ml of olive oil; 60 g of parsley; 6 chicken eggs; salt, pepper — to taste. Preparing Peel the potatoes, cut into thick pieces. Finely chop the onion. Put potatoes and onions in a hot frying pan, then simmer them on low heat, cover […]

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