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Kiwi Milkshake

Kiwi Milkshake Cooking time: 15 minutes Ingredients: Kiwi — 1 pc. ice cream — 100 g milk — 400 ml Cooking method: Clean the kiwi, cut into slices and shift into a glass blender. Add the creamy ice cream, grind, pour in the milk and continue to beat for another 3 minutes. Pour the drink […]

Orange milkshake

Orange milkshake What do we drink: Vanilla ice cream — 2½ stack. Freshly squeezed orange juice — ¾ stack. Milk — 250 ml Orange peel — 1 tbsp. l Slices of orange — to serve How to pour: Boil the milk and cool in the refrigerator. It should be really cold, almost icy. Squeeze orange […]

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