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Baked fish with zucchini

Baked fish with zucchini Cooking time: 45 minutes Ingredients: dorada — 200 g olives — 20 g spinach salt black pepper olive oil Zucchini — 150 g lemon leaf salad Cooking method: We split the fish: remove the head, entrails, cut the ridge and reveal the fish. Take a handful of green olives without stones […]

Carp in milk onion sauce

Carp in milk onion sauce Very simple and quick dish — carp in a sauce of milk and onions. Ingredients: Carp — 1 pc. Bulb onion -1 pc. Milk — 1 cup Salt, pepper — to taste Breading flour Cooking oil for frying Cooking: First you need to prepare the fish. It is necessary to […]

Fish with cheese and mustard sauce

Fish with cheese and mustard sauce INGREDIENTS cream fat content of 15-20% — 3-4 tbsp. l dried basil or thyme — 1/2 tsp. ground white pepper medium tomatoes — 2-3 pcs. melted cheese — 80 g French or grainy mustard — 2 tsp. frozen tilapia fillet — 400 g milk — 50-80 ml Step-by-step recipe […]

Baked salmon with mustard and soy sauce

Baked salmon with mustard and soy sauce INGREDIENTS: ● Salmon — 1 kg ● Butter — 50 g ● Honey — 1 tbsp. ● Dijon mustard — 1 tbsp. ● Soy sauce — 2 tbsp. ● Salt to taste. ● Black pepper (ground) to taste. PREPARATION: To make the sauce, place the butter, honey, mustard […]

Fish Tartar Sauce

Fish Tartar Sauce Ingredients 500 g fish fillets (tilapia, pike perch, pink salmon, etc.) 1 egg breadcrumbs salt pepper vegetable oil connection: 7 tbsp. mayonnaise 100 g pickled or pickled cucumbers 2 cloves of garlic greenery Preparing Fish cut into small pieces. Beat the egg. Salt, pepper. Fish roll in the egg. Roll in breadcrumbs. […]

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