Snack — Balls with Cheese and Tomatoes

Snack — Balls with Cheese and Tomatoes


● Cheese — 200 g,
● cherry tomatoes — 150 g,
● garlic 2 clove (pressed through a press),
● ground pepper to taste
● soft cheese — 2 tbsp. lt
● butter — 1 tbsp,
● fresh bunch of dill / parsley,
● roasted sesame — as needed.


Chop cheese, mash with a fork, add cheese or softened butter, garlic, black pepper. Stir until smooth and form balls. Prepared tomatoes should be placed inside the mass, gently add the balls and roll in chopped parsley or dill. It is better to take dill (I know from practice), and then in sesame. Refrigerate for 30-40 minutes. The snack is ready.

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