Salad «Horn of Plenty»

Salad «Horn of Plenty»


2 smoked chicken legs (or 1 breast),
4 eggs,
70 grams of cheese
1 apple
0.5 onions,
50 g of prunes,
100 g of walnuts,

This puff salad, you need to boil eggs beforehand and cool, and also fry walnuts and peel off the surface film. All other ingredients only need to grind. From the chicken legs remove the pulp, removing the skin and bones, cut into small cubes. Eggs finely chopped or cut into cubes with an egg cutter. Three grated cheese. Finely chopped onions pour boiling water — let bitterness come out. Three grated apples are large, imported apples are cleaned, as they are processed with wax. Prunes are now sold usually soft, so you do not need to soak it, but only wash it beforehand and dry it with a napkin. Prune finely cut.

All ingredients are prepared, put them in layers, giving the shape of a horn. As usual, we coat each layer with mayonnaise or apply a thin mayonnaise mesh.

The assembly procedure is as follows:
chicken, onion, eggs, apple, cheese, prunes.

Give the salad soak in the fridge. Before serving decorate the salad. First, type mayonnaise in a pastry syringe or cut off the tip of a bag with mayonnaise (it is more convenient to do this with a small bag), apply a grid to make a diamond-shaped pattern. In each diamond put half a walnut. It is not necessary to chop nuts. At first glance, this seems unusual, but, having tried it, you will understand how interesting it is the uncrushed nuts that add to the salad. We make a cornucopia using any vegetables, herbs, nuts, turning them into a bouquet. The flowers from cherry tomatoes and eggs, olives, olives, grapes look good. In general, turn on the fantasy — and let any beauty pour from the horn

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