Salad «Delight»

Salad «Delight»

Today I propose to cook a very tasty festive salad. All ingredients are well combined with each other, creating a rich, rich, delicate, juicy taste of salad.

Potatoes — 200 gr.
Carrots — 300-350 gr.
Herring fillet — 250 gr.
Onions — 80 gr.
Marinated mushrooms — 250 gr.
Eggs — 4-5 pcs.
Salt — to taste
Mayonnaise — 100 gr.
Viburnum berries — for decoration

Cooking method
1) 200 gr. boiled potatoes we rub on a coarse grater.
2) 3 medium carrots rub on a fine grater.
3) 5 boiled chicken eggs we will rub on a coarse grater.
4) 2 small onions finely chop.
5) Dice herring fillet 1.
6) 250 gr. pickled mushrooms cut into slices.
7) I will collect the salad in a glass form measuring 25/21 cm. You can use a split ring with a diameter of 20-24 cm.
8) The first layer — potatoes + mesh from mayonnaise.
The second layer is herring fillets.
The third layer — onion + mesh from mayonnaise.
The fourth layer — grated eggs + mesh from mayonnaise.
The fifth layer is pickled champignons + a net from mayonnaise.
The sixth layer is carrots + even mesh of mayonnaise (it is convenient to remove irregularities of mayonnaise strips with an ear stick).
9) To the berries of Viburnum add a little vegetable oil and mix. This is done so that the berries glistened. I decorate with berries salad. Put the salad in the fridge to infuse and soak for 1-2 hours

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