Magic Cocktail — «Paloma» with citrus

Magic Cocktail — «Paloma» with citrus

What do we drink:

Grapefruit juice — 1 pc.
Mandarin juice — 1 pc.
Lime juice — 2 tbsp. l
Sugar — 1 tsp.
Tequila — 1/2 stack.
Sparkling water — 1/2 stack.
Ice — to taste
Salt — to taste

How to pour:

  1. Pour salt on a plate. Slightly press the neck of the glass into the half of the grapefruit so that it pours the juice and then roll the side of the salt.
  2. Mix juice and sugar in a small container and mix. Spread between 2 glasses. Pour 1/4 cup tequila into each one and put ice on it. At the end, pour in 1/4 cup soda.
Magic Cocktail - Paloma with citrus
Magic Cocktail — Paloma with citrus

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