Homemade cheesecake without baking

Homemade cheesecake without baking

● Gelatin — 10 g ● Cookies — 600 g ● Butter — 120 g ● Orange — 1 pc. ● Cranberry — 350 g ● Sugar — 2 tbsp. ● Cottage cheese — 300 g ● Sugar powder — 7 tbsp. ● Cream — 500 ml ● Rosemary to taste ● Mint to taste

Chop the cookies into a crumb, add melted butter, carefully rub the mass with your hands. Cover the mold with a diameter of 26 cm with cling film. Lay out a lot of cookies, form the bottom and sides, tightly tamp. Send to the fridge for 30 minutes. Soak the gelatin for 5–10 minutes.

For a layer, peeled orange and 100 g of cranberries are ground in a blender. Leave aside. For the cream, keep the remaining part of the cranberry separately, then additionally grind it through a sieve. Beat the cake with an immersion blender, add 2 tbsp. l powdered sugar, mix.

Whip the cream with a mixer until fluffy, combine with the remaining icing sugar.
Mix the curd with creamy, beat again. To the resulting cream, add half of the specified amount of gelatin (soaked, pressed and melted in a microwave), mix, divide the mass in half.

To one of the parts, add the cranberry puree, cooked in paragraph 5. Put both masses (white and pink) into 2 pastry bags. To the orange-cranberry puree, prepared in paragraph 4, add the remaining gelatin. Beat the mass again, then spread it over the surface of the cake.

From above, starting from the sides of the form, squeeze the ring of white cream along the perimeter, then squeeze out the ring of pink cream. Continue until the entire form has been filled out.

Smooth the surface of the cake with a spatula. Send the cake to the fridge overnight, decorate with fresh mint leaves, sprigs of rosemary and cranberries before serving.

Homemade cheesecake without baking
Homemade cheesecake without baking

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