Coffee with pepper and ice cream

Coffee with pepper and ice cream


ground coffee — 4 tsp.
hot water — 300 ml
red pepper, ground — 1/8 tsp. (or on the tip of the knife)
ice cream — 100 g
red pepper pod — for decoration


Step 1
Pour ground coffee with red pepper in a french press for 4-5 minutes. Put glasses of 50 grams of ice cream into glasses.
Step 2
Pour brewed coffee into glasses. Decorate each glass with a pod of red pepper.
Terms of making coffee:
The best grinding for cooking in a French press is large. For cooking in the Turk is used as small as possible, literally ground into dust, coffee.
When brewing coffee in the Turk, it is never boiled — when lifting the turkey, the Turk must be removed from the heat, if necessary — for a more intense taste — you can repeat this operation 2-3 times.

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