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Banana smoothie with yogurt

Banana smoothie with yogurt INGREDIENTS 1 avocado 2 bananas 150 g of yogurt juice of 1 lemon juice of 1 orange 1-2 tbsp honey 1 glass of water a pinch of salt STEP-BY-STEP COOKING RECIPE Peel the fruits, separate the berries from the twigs. Put all the smoothies in the blender and chop. Pour the […]

Morning homemade hot drink

Morning homemade hot drink INGREDIENTS 0.5 tsp instant coffee milk 3 long strips of orange zest 120 g of dark chocolate nutmeg STEP-BY-STEP COOKING RECIPE Step 1 Pour milk into the pan, add chocolate, zest, coffee and nutmeg, broken into small pieces. Warm until chocolate melts. Increase the heat and, stirring constantly, bring to a […]

Magic homemade tea

Magic homemade tea INGREDIENTS Cinnamon 1/2 sticks Cardamom 2 pinches Fresh ginger 2 slices Carnation 4-5 stars Hibiscus 1 tbsp 1 clove lemon 1 clove orange Apple 1 lobule Raisins 20 g How to make magic homemade tea In a teapot or french press we put all the ingredients (slices can be previously divided into […]

TOP 3 holiday cocktails

TOP 3 holiday cocktails INGREDIENTS For a sparkling cocktail with kiwi: 400 ml champagne 1 kiwi 2 tbsp. l pineapple juice 2 tsp honey ice For cranberry-vanilla cocktail: 50 ml of vodka 50 ml cranberry juice 250 ml champagne 1 vanilla pod ice cranberry and vanilla pods for serving For tangerine cocktail: 200 ml champagne […]

Sweet alcoholic cocktail with champagne and rum

Sweet alcoholic cocktail with champagne and rum Ingredients: vanilla ice cream — 100 g; rum — 50 ml: champagne — 50 ml: ice. Cooking method Put a piece of ice into the triangular glasses, after that — two tablespoons of ice cream and pour the rum. Carefully, pour champagne from the knife so that it […]

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