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Easy homemade pizza in 15 minutes

Easy homemade pizza in 15 minutes Easy homemade pizza in 15 minutes — the idea of ​​a quick, simple breakfast and dinner for the family or last-minute snacks for party guests. INGREDIENTS Sour cream 4 tbsp 2 eggs Flour 9 tbsp Hard cheese to taste Any filling to taste Cooking pizza Step 1. Knead the […]

Pizza Sun — puff pastry with chorizo sausage

Pizza Sun — puff pastry with chorizo sausage Ideal for this pizza is sausage chorizo, cut into thin circles, but you can take any other that you can find. Tomato sauce is delicious homemade, but you can take it ready. Ingredients: puff yeast dough — 450 g; dry-cured sausage — 75 g; hard cheese — […]

Simple homemade mini pizza

Simple homemade mini pizza Ingredients: 0.5 kg puff pastry (yeast-free); 3-4 sausages; 80 g of cheese (suitable mozzarella, gouda, edam, masdamer); ketchup; small egg. Cooking: Clear the sausages from the films and cut them into thin wheels. Sausages can be replaced with boiled or smoked sausage. Cheese will suit anyone that melts well. To rub […]

Pizza in a roll (stromboli)

Pizza in a roll (stromboli) Ingredients: Pizza dough — 250 g Tomato sauce — 1 stack. Mozzarella — 1.5 stack. Slices of salami — 9 pcs. Slices of ham — 7 pcs. Egg — 1 pc. Oregano — to taste For the test: Warm water — 1 stack. Dry yeast — 2 ¼ tsp. Honey […]

Pizza with tuna and olives

Pizza with tuna and olives Ingredients: tomato sauce (recipe below) several olives and pitted olives can of tuna fish half sweet red pepper a few cherry tomatoes juice of a couple of lemon slices olive oil Dough: 1 kg. flour dry yeast — 1 bag 11g. 1st.l. Sahara 1st.l. salt without a hill 4st.l. olive […]

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