Baked stuffed pork (beef)

Baked stuffed pork (beef)


meat pulp (pork / beef) — 1 kg (+ -)
tomato- 2 pcs
hard cheese — 200 gr
garlic — 3 cloves
lemon juice — 1 tbsp
Soy sauce — 2-3 tbsp
mustard- 1 tbsp
olive or vegetable oil — 2 tbsp

Choose a flat (rectangular), dense piece of meat (like a baked ham). On the meat to make transverse cuts, not finishing cutting to the end.

Mix the ingredients for the marinade and smear the meat on all sides and in the cuts, salt and pepper to taste. Leave the meat to marinate for 10-12 hours. Slice the cheese and rings the tomatoes, chop the garlic. In each cut to put cheese, tomato and garlic. Add sliced ​​mushrooms as desired. Wrap the meat in foil, put it on a baking sheet and place in a preheated oven to 180-200 C and bake until ready for 50-60 minutes. Put the finished meat in a dish and decorate with greens.

Baked stuffed pork (beef)
Baked stuffed pork (beef)

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