Baked chicken thighs with cherry tomatoes

Baked chicken thighs with cherry tomatoes


● Chicken thigh — 6 pcs. ● Salt — 1 tsp. ● Oregano — 1 tsp. ● Basil — 1 tsp. ● Black pepper (ground) to taste. ● Olive oil — 1–1.5 tbsp ● Balsamic vinegar — 1/3 cups. ● Brown sugar — 2–2.5 tbsp ● Cherry Tomatoes — 2 cups . ● Mozzarella — 250 g ● Basil — 1/4 puff.

Rub chicken thighs with salt, pepper and dry herbs (oregano and basil). Heat the butter in a pan and fry the chicken on it until golden brown, about 4 minutes on each side. Put the thighs on the plate. Drain most of the oil from the pan, leaving about 1 tsp.

Cut the garlic cloves into plates and fry them in the same pan, about 1 minute. Add vinegar and brown sugar, mix. Bring the mixture to a boil and keep on the fire until a frosting is formed (about 5–6 minutes). Fill the chicken with glaze, mix.

Put it on a baking sheet, top with cherry tomatoes (can be sliced ​​in halves, but better whole), 1.5 stack. Then send to the oven heated to 210 degrees. Bake until the chicken is cooked for about 30 minutes. Then place a plate of mozzarella on each thigh and send another 5–8 minutes into the oven.

Decorate the ready dish with fresh basil and the remaining half sliced ​​cherry tomatoes (0.5 cups). Serve the chicken with the sauce formed during the cooking process.
Cook with pleasure, delight your family!

Baked chicken thighs
Baked chicken thighs

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